Photothermal desalination project highlighted on Materials Views!

01 November, 2015

Our design concept of photothermal polymer coated mesh for water desalination was highlighted by Materials Views in an article entitled "Photothermal Desalination" authored by Professor Geoffrey Ozin.

The article highlighted our design as follows: "Recently, an electro-polymerized black coating of poly-pyrrole grown on a stainless steel mesh, made hydrophobic by surface modification of the poly-pyrrole with a fluoroalkylsilane, was used as a photothermal membrane for local heating of interfacial water to enable water evaporation driven desalination. This solar absorbing membrane was employed in a proof-of-concept all-in-one solar distillation system for producing fresh water from salt water. The evaporated water was transferred by a solar powered fan to a condensing chamber as depicted in the diagram to complete the photothermal desalination cycle.".