Our research was among Cutting Edge Chemistry in 2015 and highlighted by Scientific American and MIT Tech Review.

11 December, 2015

We are very humbled and honored that our reseach on biomimetic surfaces was selected as Cutting Edge Chemistry in 2015 by Chemistry World!​  

The article highlighted our work as follows: "... Inspired by the Namib Desert beetle’s ability to survive in arid climates, Peng Wang and his colleagues from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia found an inexpensive way of creating patterned superhydrophobic surfaces. The desert beetle collects moisture on its waxy back, which has a series of hydrophilic bumps, and the water is channelled towards its mouth. Wang’s team replicated this surface by depositing dopamine, mixed with ethanol, onto a superhydrophobic surface using an inkjet printer. The dopamine self-polymerises to form discrete hydrophilic bumps. The researchers hope the manufacturing process could help to produce tailored wetting surfaces in the future.​​ ..." (Chinese version of the report can be found here).

The same article was also carried on the website of Scientific AmericanTM, under 'Top Chemistry Stories from 2015'.

The MIT Technology Review highlighted our research project with an article entitled 'Harvesting Fog like a Beetle'.