Professor Wang will speak to Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Nanotechnology in June 2019

26 October, 2018

​​Gordon Research Conference​​ on Environmental Nanotechnology

Preventing and Solving Problems with Environmental Nanotechnology (June 2 - 7, 2019)


Conference Description

The goals of the 2019 Environmental Nanotechnology Gordon Conference are to highlight the potential environmental benefits of nanoscale materials and technologies while managing potential risk of implementation. There still exists a number of important unresolved questions concerning the potential environmental and health impacts of the use and production of these materials. This 5th GRC on environmental nanotechnology will focus on the development of nanotechnology to minimize environmental impacts way as well as the potential of nanotechnology to solve critical environmental problems in energy, agriculture, food, and health that can have positive environmental impact. The conference will focus on topics such as in-situ measurement(s) of nanomaterials in complex matrices, cutting-edge research to determine the molecular interactions of these materials with biological entities and model these interactions. In addition, the meeting will discuss nanomaterials that may provide new solutions to pressing environmental problems – especially those associated with the food-water-energy nexus. These include nanotechnology-based sensors for humidity, nutrients, water quality, and biological and chemical contamination as well as biosensors for pathogens, nanotechnology enabled agricultural plant-based products, and nanomaterials for remediation of contaminants in water, soil, and air. The conference will also include a specific session focused on cutting-edge of nanotechnologies, taking a futuristic look at new directions in the field to inform research and engage our community. Environmental Nanotechnology Gordon Research Conference has been a tremendous forum to foster cross-disciplinary and intense scientific discussions involving leaders across scientific fields.

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