Seunghyun Hong

Postdoctoral Fellow

Selected Publications

  • Hong, S.; Constans, C.; Martins, M.V.S.; Seow, Y. C.; Carrió, J.; Garaj, S.*, “Scalable graphene-based membranes for ionic sieving with ultrahigh charge selectivity,” Nano Lett. 2017, 17(2), 728-732
  • Singh, S.; Hong, S.; Jeon, W.; Lee, D.; Hwang, J. Y.; Lim, S.; Kwon G.; Pribat, D.; Kim, S. W.; Baik, S.*, “Graphene-templated synthesis of c-axis oriented Sb2Te3 nano-plates by the microwave-assisted solvothermal method,” Chem. Mater. 2015, 27, 2315
  • Hong, S.;  Kim, W.; Jeon, S.J.; Lim, S.C.; Lee, H.J.; Hyun, S.; Lee, Y. H.; Baik, S.*, “Enhanced Electrical potential of Thermoelectric power waves by Sb2Te3-coated Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Arrays,” J. Phys. Chem. C 2013, 117, 913
  • Hong, S.; Kim, E.; Kim, W.; Jeon, S.J.; Lim, S.C.; Lee, H.J.; Hyun, S.; Kim, D.; Choi, J.Y.; Lee, Y. H.; Baik, S.*, “A hybridized graphene carrier highway for enhanced thermoelectric power generation,” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2012, 14, 13527
  • Hong, S.; Hong, S.P.; Lee, T.R.; Kim, Y.J.; Ryu, C.*; Baik, S.*, “Surface Thermochemical Reaction Control Utilizing Planar Anisotropic Thermal Conduit,” Energy Environ. Sci. 2011, 4, 2045
  • Choi, W.; Hong, S.; Abrahamson, J. T.; Han, J. H.; Song, C. S.; Nair, N.; Baik, S.; Strano, M. S.*, “Chemically Driven Carbon Nanotube-Guided Thermopower Waves,” Nat. Mater. 2010, 9 (5), 423-429


2006-2012    M.D and Ph.D. Nano Engineering, SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Suwon, S. Korea

2000-2005    B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Suwon, S. Korea 

Professional Profile

Postdoctoral Fellow, Water Desalination and Reuse Center, Division of Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia (Supervisor: Prof. Peng Wang) (2017/08 - Present)

 Research fellow, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, National University of Singapore, Singapore (Supervisor: Prof. Slaven Garaj) (2013/07 - 2017/07)